There is still nothing that matches the chic glamour and allure of the saree, not to mention it's versatility! Here at Khubsoorat we have re-invented the saree over the years, creating stunning designer sarees that can be worn for a wide variety of occasions, from weddings, receptions and sangeet nights to black tie events, awards and red carpet entries.

We have created sarees for renowned celebrities including Cherie Blair, Tasmin Lucia Khan and UK prime minister Theresa May as well as for countless lovers of Indian fashion.

Our stunning designer sarees, wedding sarees and bridal sarees are recognised by the most innovative of designs, imaginatively used fabrics and exquisite embroideries - the hallmark signature of a Khubsoorat saree creation, that you won't find elsewhere.

The range of sarees below is merely a small snapshot of our ever evolving collection. Please do contact us to browse our full range of sarees or to arrange a consultation for the design of a bespoke saree for your wedding or special event,

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